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Class 1 2H



Welcome to 1/2 H


Subject Overviews for Term One

English: Genre Focus: The genre for this term is procedure. Students will be viewing, reading and constructing a variety of procedures this term. 

Guided Reading: Reading groups are at 9:45 to 10:45am on Monday and 10:45 to 11:45am on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Activities include guided reading, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary and dictionary work.

Maths:  Numbers to 100 and 1000 , Place value, Counting in 2’s and 5’s, Time- o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to, Days of the week and months of the year, Addition- numbers that make ten, doubles and near doubles

Science:  Unit - ‘Mixing Materials’

HASS: History Unit – ‘How people and places change over time.’ 

Health and Wellbeing:  ‘How I have changed’

Specialist Lessons

ICT: Monday 11:15am-12:15pm

LOTE: Wednesday 12:15am-12:45am

MUSIC: Wednesday 12:45am- 1:15pm

Dance Fever:  Tuesday 9:25am- 10:05am

School Rules and Rewards

Woodhill State School rules are: ‘Be Safe’, ‘Be Responsible’, ‘Be Respectful’ and ‘Be a Learner.’ Students are rewarded with dojo points for being a learner and for making safe, responsible and respectful choices. Students who earn 25 dojo points within a 2 week time frame receive a ‘gotcha’ certificate and go in the draw to win an ice block on parade. All students in 1/2H who achieve 25 dojo points can also choose a prize from the prize box.


Brain Food - 9:45am

Please include a piece of fruit or vegetable in your child’s lunch box to eat at brain food time. This fuels their body and brain to remain focused and engaged in their learning.


Homework/Home readers and Sight words

Monday- Home readers are changed.  1/2H are fortunate to have a parent who changes the books once a week.  Please remind your child to bring their book bag on Monday so they don’t miss out on having their books changed. If your child is away on Monday I will try to change them during the week. 

Please also ensure that the yellow reading log is in their book bag with the current books recorded inside. Books cannot be changed unless the log book is in your child’s book bag and the books they have read are recorded.

Friday- Sight words are checked.  If your child has sight words to learn, please ensure their sight word booklet is in their bag on Friday so that words they have mastered can be ticked off and the booklet shows an accurate record of their learning.

Friday- Homework is handed out.

Thursday- Homework is to be handed in.

Homework is marked Thursday afternoon. If homework is handed in on Friday I do not always get the chance during the day to mark it.

Students receive 2 dojo points for completing their homework. The 2 dojos go towards achieving the goal of 25 dojos. Dojo points are reset every 2 weeks, so completing homework can help in achieving the goal of 25 dojos. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ring or email me.

Trish Hewitt


 Homework Term 4 Week 2.pdf

 Homework Term 4. Week 3.pdf

 Homework Term 4 Week 4.pdf