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Students learn a language other than English, referred to as LOTE, to gain an understanding of the influence of language on culture and to develop an appreciation of a different way of life. 
Students from years 4 to 6 at Woodhill learn Japanese and are engaged in speaking, listening, reading and writing experiences.  Students use information and communication technologies to inquire, create and communicate about Japanese language and culture.
Students in 3/4W and the year 4s from 4/5F participate in one 30 minute session each week, while 5/6D and 5/6K engage in 3 x 30 minute lessons.
Students in the early phase of learning:
·         Learn to communicate in japanese in familiar contexts using simple vocabulary, key phrases and greetings.
·         Gain an appreciation of Japanese culture and make comparisons between one's own language and culture.
Students in the middle phase of learning:
·         Extend their proficiency in Japanese and use Japanese to communicate in different contexts. 
·         Are engaged in activities that promote knowledge of language conventions and cultural practices.