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Prep W





A warm welcome to Prep D and welcome to  Woodhill State School.


Bell times: be at school before 8:40am.

Stop drop and go:
Please do not overtake any cars. 
Move to the front of the line to the drop-off bays, before letting students out of the passenger side only. 
Drivers are not to step out of the car for any reason. 
At pick up, if your child is not ready, we ask you to circle around and come to the back of the line.  This keeps the line moving and keeps cars off the highway.

Uniform: green and black only, no jewellery or nail polish allowed.   Please ensure any skirts and shorts are of an appropriate length.

Sometimes preps have toileting accidents, please pack an extra set of undies and shorts in a plastic bag for any such occasions.
Sun safety: students are required to have school hats to play.  As we are still waiting for the delivery of school hats, we are accepting broad brimmed, non-school hats until the problem is rectified.  After this point, only school hats are acceptable on the playground.  We apologise for any inconvenience.
Please put names on everything your child brings to school.
Please bring all listed materials for school: it is difficult to start the year smoothly when some of the children’s school materials are still at home.  We will keep all spares stored until your child needs them. 


We love as many volunteers as we can get in prep.  Many of the programs need parent support to be run effectively. 
Please see any of us if you are available.
Communicating with the school:
Facebook P and C page: this is a good place to get information about the school. Please read the rules and expectations of the page.
Qschools app is available for smartphones, tablets and iPads. 
This is how you can get notifications about new items on the school website. 
 This is how you will be informed when newsletters are available. 
Newsletters will be online as well as emailed to families.  Website:  Paper copies can be collected from office, but won’t be sent home.

Making appointments for meetings with a teacher:

Please contact the office or send a note in to request a meeting. 
We are not available to speak for long periods of time when we are supposed to be teaching and taking care of the class. 
We are available most afternoons. 

Late arrivals and absences:

Please send a note or call the office if your child is away.
 If you are late, you need to check in with the office for a late slip. 
 All children are to be signed out of the office if they are going home early. 

Special incursion and swimming:

There are incursions (when a company presents a show at the school) each term. These do have a small cost.
Preps will participate in the swimming program in term 4 only.
All money is to be handed in to the office on Thursdays and Fridays only.
There is a strict cut-off date for each payment.  Please do not hand money in late. 
Online banking is available.  See the website for details.
Please check the calendar for all upcoming events including pupil free days.

P and C meetings: 

It is a great way to get involved and keep informed.

Food, toilet and drinks breaks
Brain food each morning:
Students will be able to have a healthy snack to keep their energy up for learning. 
This needs to be a small piece of fresh fruit that can be eaten quickly.
Tuckshop is open on a Thursday. 
All lunches need to be pre-ordered and payed for on Wednesday. 
There are small snacks such as ice blocks available over the counter.
We encourage students to have a water bottle in the classroom to drink during the day. 
We have a toilet break halfway through the longer sessions as well as at the end of each play break.

PBL Systems

Focus 40 is a skills based program which teaches social skills and expected behaviour at school.  There is a different focus each week this term.
 Merits, Student of the weeks and Gotchas:
 There are two merit certificates and two Student of the Week awards each week. 
 These are awarded based on behaviour and learning throughout the week.  They also receive an ice block or ice cream. 
Gotchas are small tickets which are handed out for good behaviour in the classroom and the playground.  There is also a coloured one for our safety focus. 
Two of these tickets are drawn out from each class each week and earn an ice block.

Bronze, silver and gold awards:

 As your child earns merit and student of the week certificates, they earn two or five points respectively. 
When they reach ten points they receive a bronze certificate and ribbon.
At 20 points they receive a silver award and special pencil. 
At 30 points, they receive a gold certificate and a prize. 
If they have referrals to buddy room, detention, orange group or the principal’s office, they lose points from their tally.
Rewards days are at the end of each term:
Well behaved students are invited to a rewards session at school.
If students have more than two major detentions, referrals to the office or orange group, they miss out and continue learning during the session.



o   A major detention is a full lunch session when they discuss their behaviour and reflect on their choices.


o   All major detentions require a phone call home to inform parents and carers.


o   A minor is half of their lunchtime, with a discussion about their behaviour.


o   There is a matrix which helps teachers and staff deal with consequences for behaviours systematically and fairly.  It is available to all parents and carers to peruse.



Homework folders need to be returned every day.
Sight words need to be practiced by saying them out loud. 
Flash cards or iPad games are helpful also. 
Sight words will be tested once a week.
Most preps are able to write their name.  Please remind them:
They need to make sure they are using a capital only at the beginning of their name.
They need to form their letters neatly and correctly.
Please help them practice until they are confident in writing their name correctly.